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Four Air Conditioning Units Outside Of An Upscale Apartment Complex

The Interesting History of HVAC Systems

As we are accustomed to having HVAC systems to heat and cool our homes and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout all seasons, it is difficult for us to imagine that it was not too long ago that people had no HVAC systems in their homes. Summers were hot and stifling, and the winters were frigid. During those days, people dealt with what they had available to them, but they soon figured out ways to stay more comfortable indoors.

The First Central HVAC System

The first central HVAC system was created in the mid-1800s by Dr. John Gorrie. His idea came to be as he desired to cool down large cities during the summer months. His system was designed by reducing humidity via the use of cooling coils. Dr. John Gorrie secured a patent for his creation, and he continued to make refinements to his design.

HVAC Really Takes Off

In 1904, the idea of an HVAC system cooling a building was presented at the St. Louis World’s Fair. At this time, an HVAC system was used to provide central air conditioning in the Missouri State Building, and it was the first time that a public building benefited from such a feature. Eventually, theaters and other commercial buildings had HVAC systems installed that provided cooling and heating; however, private homes would not have HVAC systems for several more years as they were quite expensive.

HVAC in Private Homes

In 1932, window units were created that provided air conditioning to homes, so people could remain cool during the summer months. The inception of the window unit led to most homes having some form of central air conditioning by around the 1960s.

What We See Today

Today, most homes have central heating and air conditioning, and these units run quietly in the background, so they are not intrusive. Window units are also still sold for older homes that do not have central HVAC systems and for those who want to provide additional cooling to a particular room that tends to run hotter than the rest of the rooms. HVAC systems have even been created with new and improved features such as the ability to control them via a smartphone app or smart speakers like Alexa and Google Nest.

If it has been a year since your HVAC system has been inspected, you must call Nicolet Heating & Cooling to schedule a maintenance visit. Temperatures in Green Bay, WI can reach as high as 80 degrees, so you want to make sure that your HVAC system is in working order. We will evaluate your system’s airflow, clean the condensate drain and coils, tighten any connections, and check your system’s coolant and pressure. If we spot any problems, we will advise you of them and help you to craft a plan to fix them. If air conditioning replacement and repair is necessary, we will get the job done.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!