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Prevent AC Failure With Routine Professional Maintenance

When the weather heats up around Green Bay, you’re thankful for the relief your air conditioner offers. However, it’s during the hottest days that air conditioning units tend to fail, leaving you sweating. Discover how routine professional maintenance can help prevent your AC from faltering when you need it most.

Improve Airflow

Your air conditioner must have adequate airflow moving through the system to effectively cool your home. The system works by removing heat from the air drawn into the system and then pushing it back out.

The air in your home is full of small contaminants that will clog your system as it circulates the air. Your filter helps remove most of these particles, but some are small enough to get through the filter. These settle in your system on the evaporator coil and circulating fan, among other places.

Any airflow restriction causes the system to run longer cooling cycles and adds strain. This reduces efficiency, leading to more frequent repairs and shorter service life. Your maintenance technician will clean the critical areas to improve the system’s airflow, diminishing this risk.

Reduce Electrical Strain

As your air conditioner runs, it creates a vibration from the compressor and fans. This vibration slowly loosens mounting hardware and electrical connections.

Loose electrical connections increase electrical resistance, which draws more power and creates more heat. Too much heat on electrical components causes them to wear unusually fast. To prevent this additional resistance, your technician will check the electrical connections, making certain each is tight.

Ensure Compressor and Refrigerant Integrity

An air conditioner only works when the system is properly charged. Too much or too little refrigerant causes the compressor to strain, leading it to burnout before the expected end of its service life. The compressor must bring the refrigerant to the right pressure in the condensing coil for the AC to work properly.

A key part of maintenance is testing the system and ensuring it has the right amount of refrigerant charge. Your technician will also test the compressor to determine it is properly pressurizing the refrigerant so that it can vent the heat it absorbed.

Identify Small Problems

In addition to testing the refrigerant charge and the compressor, your technician will test other components. This likely includes the capacitor and contactor, among others, to ensure they have the proper electrical resistance.

The key here is to find small problems early, allowing you to fix them before they become an emergency visit. With air conditioners, small problems left unresolved tend to turn into much bigger, more expensive issues, sometimes cutting years from your system’s service life.

People around Green Bay and all of Brown County have trusted Nicolet Heating & Cooling since 2005 to keep their homes comfortable. Call today to schedule your AC maintenance appointment with one of our friendly technicians today.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!