5 Warning Signs Your HVAC Air Filter Needs to Be Replaced

Soft Focus to Filter of Air handing Unit, Technician checking a Pre-filter of air handling unit for replacement a new filter - HVAC maintenance

The air filter in your house or apartment is the first line of defense for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It protects against dust, dirt, and large particles that could enter the system and cause damage by clogging up your HVAC components. Here are some warning signs that your air filter needs […]

5 Tips to Save Money on Your Heating Bill This Winter

Save money and investment concept. Closeup piggy bank and silver coins falling. 3d rendering illustration

Winter is here, and with it comes the season of freezing temperatures. It is essential to stay warm throughout this time of year. However, now is the time to monitor your heating bills since this is when they tend to spike. So, how can you save money on heating? Here are a few simple steps. […]

Want to Improve Your HVAC Efficiency? Here Are a Few Tips

Environmentally friendly heat pump located in the back yard

In our area of Wisconsin, it’s important to have an efficient HVAC system. In the hot, sticky summers and in the frigid winters, HVAC systems can keep us comfortable and safe. The bills can add up, though, so it makes sense that many are interested in improving the efficiency of their HVAC systems. Here are […]

The Interesting History of HVAC Systems

Four Air Conditioning Units Outside Of An Upscale Apartment Complex

As we are accustomed to having HVAC systems to heat and cool our homes and maintain comfortable temperatures throughout all seasons, it is difficult for us to imagine that it was not too long ago that people had no HVAC systems in their homes. Summers were hot and stifling, and the winters were frigid. During […]

What Is Short Cycling and Why Is My System Doing It?

Couple Sitting In Front Of Fan During Hot Weather

You may have heard about HVAC systems short cycling and that it’s a problem for your equipment. Learn what short cycling is and the reasons your Green Bay, WI HVAC system may be running inappropriate cycle lengths. Defining a Short Cycle Your HVAC system should run heating and cooling cycles that last 15 to 20 […]