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HVAC Company In De Pere, WI

Since 2005, the experts at Nicolet Heating And Cooling have been meeting and exceeding the HVAC needs of residents in De Pere, WI. The foundation of our business is delivering cost-effective and environmentally friendly HVAC solutions to our customers. In addition, we are dedicated to providing the best total service experience possible, from arriving on time and ready to get to work to friendly and professional associates throughout our company. Please get in touch with us at 920-786-2322 for a free price quote or to schedule any of the services you need.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Dependable Air Conditioner Repair And Replacement

Providing professional service and maintenance for your home’s air conditioner is the best way to extend its life expectancy and get the most for your investment in the unit. However, even with the best care, all mechanical devices need a few repairs from time to time. When you call 920-786-2322 for expert AC repairs from the Nicolet Heating And Cooling team, you can count on an honest assessment and reasonably priced repair solutions for your current unit. We will also offer a replacement price quote if your AC is worn out or a repair is not a cost-effective solution.

Heater Repair And Replacement Expert

In the De Pere area, a functional heater is a necessity. And when you are facing any issue with your heating system, you want a reliable evaluation and reasonably priced options for a repair or replacement. The local professionals at Nicolet Heating And Cooling understand the critical nature of your home’s heater. And we will do everything possible to find a solution that meets your needs and budget. Call 920-786-2322 today for a free price estimate for any heater repair or replacement from the team you can trust for outstanding work and affordable prices.

Professional Heat Pump Service

When your De Pere heat pump is not working, you could be facing some uncomfortable temperatures in your home. The heat pump experts at Nicolet Heating And Cooling have years of experience quickly diagnosing issues and providing cost-effective solutions. And all of our repairs are backed by a complete warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Your Partner For Commercial HVAC

As a commercial property owner or manager in De Pere, you know that expert commercial HVAC service can be hard to find. However, since 2005, the seasoned professionals at Nicolet Heating And Cooling have been providing the highest quality commercial heating and cooling services to all the businesses in the region. We know that running a business is a full-time job, so please allow our experts to handle all your HVAC needs so that you can focus on other aspects of maintaining your property and growing your business.

Must-Have Maintenance Plans

There is no question that professional maintenance will increase your HVAC system’s life span and efficiency. However, it can be difficult for homeowners to know when the units need service. We take the mystery out of HVAC service at Nicolet Heating And Cooling by offering all-inclusive HVAC maintenance plans. Our team provides the cleaning, maintenance, and inspections needed to keep your HVAC system running perfectly. Call 920-786-2322 today for a free price estimate for your maintenance plan.

The Latest Geothermal Technology

Few heating and cooling systems are as cutting-edge as geothermal units. They use the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool your home for a fraction of the cost of more traditional systems. Our Bosch Geothermal installers have the experience and expertise to get your system installed quickly and provide all the service you will need for the system’s lifetime. Contact us today at 920-786-2322 to learn more or request a free price estimate for an environmentally friendly geothermal installation at your De Pere home.